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I checked out a Bad Ass, ice water that can kill??? and Fabes disappears...

So it's been a super awesome WEEKEND! Caught some Black Eyed Peas action - Fergie btw was super duper massive hawt! Happy Birthday Arthur!

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Awww... isn't Fergie HAWWWTTT... and then it ended with a BANG! Literally!

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I have never been so closed to fireworks before. That would have cost Arthur at least 50,000 ringgit...

Then of course, the following day I checked out the Subaru Palm Challenge. 40 contestants - 10 finalists who will move on to the next round in Singapore - where ONE would pickup a BRAND NEW Subaru Impreza!

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It might not seem like much but under the hot sun, body of the car absorbs the heat and in minutes - it's literally FRYING! Fabes tried and he couldn't even last 6 seconds! I tried and I lasted 15 - well, it's just obvious who's the better man :P heheh...

Then under all that heat, I decided to chill at TGIF... asked for a HUGE glass of ice water - checkout the cup size!

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That's HUUUGGGE! Look how small the lighter is compared to the 'goblet'? it's freaking HEAVY as well - this thing can KILL!

That same night Jules suggested that we checked out a brand new coffee chain called Bad Ass Coffee... and man, I checked out and I felt BAD ASS!

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I'm a huge coffee lover so the recommendation was GREAT! They had HUGE donuts and the drinks...mmm... had a strange but good coffee after taste - I went for the Raspberry and Cream Signature Coffee... Verdict? I LIKE.

After having the coffee, I was home - wasn't sure if it was the coffee but my dog looked at me strangely... I must have looked BAD ASS :)

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And latest update from the Fly FM Studio - we had a blackout around 8am this morning!

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Thanks to the wonders of technology, we were kept ALIVE... via UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply - only problem, Fabes disappeared... (if only he smiled - did he?)

Alrighty... that's my update for the weekend... more coming soon! Comment away ole' chappities!

Google Sync has arrived for the iPhone, Nokia & other Exchange Server enabled devices!

Whether you own an iPhone, a Nokia, a Windows Mobile Device or anything at all that supports Microsoft Exchange Server, you'd be pleased to know that Google - our best friend who offers tonnes and tonnes of things for free has added YET another FREE service - Google Sync!

This is by far one of the most exciting things Google has announced this month!

What does it mean to a lay person?
Imagine your phone's calendar and contacts constantly backed up at a secure location while e-mail is pushed to your phone EXACTLY like the high and mighty 'BlackBerry' push service. Best part is, IT'S FREE!

Imagine a world where you will KNOW that your precious contacts and calendar entries are constantly backed up to your phone and e-mails come in the instant someone sends you something. Lost phone? Dead phone? No problem! Just sync it back from Google and everything returns!

With everything backed-up at Google's server, if you ever need to review your schedule, update your phonebook entries or check your mail - just go to It's all there! and changes made are automatically 'pushed' to your phone. Isn't technology just AWESOME?

If those words were too much for you, here’s a video that explains it all…

What's the catch then?
Okay, before you do double back flips and start singing "The hills are ALIVE! with the sound of MUUUSICCC" - here's the reality, this is the kind of service some companies charge 10-15 USD a month for - Google offers it for FREE so long as you use Gmail or Google Apps (for your mail hosting).

The only thing is, just like any Push mail service, you'd need some form of a data plan for your phone - this ranges from 50 - 100 ringgit monthly depending on your network operator - it's the data charge that will cost you (mind you again, Google is not making from this).

As long as you've got a Data Plan that provides you with sufficient data transfer monthly, you'll be fine.

Great! I've got a Data Plan and I'm ready! What's next?

If you own a Nokia...
From my experience, most of the new N-series and E-series phones from Nokia come with "Mail for Exchange" - an application which supports the Exchange Server. If you don't have it, download from Nokia Business


More detailed instructions here

If you have an iPhone...
The software is already in your phone. Just startup your mail app - when prompted to select type of mail DO NOT select "Gmail" - select "Microsoft Exchange" instead.

More detailed instructions here.

If you have a Windows Mobile device (HTC etc)...
The software is already installed. The app you'll use is called ActiveSync. image
More detailed instructions here.

Final word… The drawbacks...

  1. In this world, nothing is absolutely FREE. You need to subscribe to a Data Package from your network operator in order to use it as mentioned.
  2. Most phones support a maximum of 1 Exchange account. So if you've got corporate mail on your phone using push, I'm afraid it's not going to work.

Well, enjoy the world of Push! and THANK YOU Google! You ROCK!